Solar appScreener 3.5 release notes

Dear Colleagues and Friends, 

As Solar Security LLC has been doing this since Solar appScreener was first put into production, our commitment to strengthening and improving the Product is our number one priority. I want to reach out with a quick overview of our latest release, and highlight the number of new enhancements created specifically for ensuring the performance of Solar appScreener. For more information on these changes, please reference our Release Notes

Key New Feature 1

Solar appScreener now supports Rust

Popular language Rust became 33rd supported programming language. It can be used for high performance servers, command line tools, operating system modules, web browsers, etc. Solar appScreener allows companies using Rust to check their safety with source or binary code analysis.

Key New Feature 2

Integration with Subversion

Code to be analyzed is downloaded directly from a repository, so there is no need to import source code files each time. Integration with the Subversion repository helps to secure software development lifecycle (SDLC), allowing the programmer to establish quality control, to automate new software build verification and to reduce time spent. Just sigh in and start analysis (credentials input fields are available as for Subversion as for Git).

Other New Features

We are constantly improving the product to provide to our client best possible user experience and easiest possible interaction with Solar appScreener.

We improved interface functionality to ease tasks tracking by adding Jira task ID in Detailed Results. Also now you can include brief Jira tasks information in the report: ID, parent task, task type, priority, and assignee. Besides we added in the report information of total number of vulnerabilities and number of included vulnerabilities.

Export features were significantly enlarged. To speed up export it became possible to create a new export template as a copy of an existing one. More to that we updated report settings in plugins: Jenkins, Azure DevOps Server, TeamCity. All export settings implemented in UI 3.4.0 version are now available in plugins. The same updates were made for Command Line Tool export settings.

Also as an experiment we implemented support for the PostgreSQL database.

Please be sure to update to our latest release to take advantage of these new features. We also highly encourage you to register for free demo scans to get an overview of this latest release, and refer to our site for more information and resources in the days to come.


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