Solared APPscreener made SAST software available for both: InfoSec and DevOps teams

Solared Cyber Security, which is a developer of products and services for targeted monitoring and operational management of cyber security, released a new version of Solared APPscreener – the only solution that can scan applications for vulnerabilities by means of the static analysis even in the absence of the source code. Solared APPscreener 2.0 offers an expanded list of supported programming languages, an intuitive user interface and advanced technology intended to identify vulnerabilities and undeclared capabilities of software, even if debug info is not available.

A large number of changes, represented in a new version of Solared APPscreener aims to simplify the user interaction logic. The interface design was substantially revised and improved so that interpretation of data, obtained from Solared APPscreener, no longer requires a user to carry out the deep technical expertise. Moreover, mobile apps security is possible to check by the link from Google Play or AppStore, so you do not need the app file itself.

To current programming languages such as Java, Scala, PHP, ObjectiveC, Java for Android, the support of which was implemented in the first version of the solution, the following languages were added: JavaScript, Swift, Python 2, Python 3, PL/SQL and C#. In such a way, the solution covers the most common programming languages and is able to analyze all mobile and most Web applications security.

In order to simplify operation in the course of regular code inspections Solared APPscreener 2.0 allows editing of vulnerability search rules and mark false triggers. This training involves creation of advanced mechanisms intended to detect false-positive activations as well as definition of new types of vulnerabilities and undeclared capabilities.

In accordance with wishes of users a new version is provided with an opportunity to operate from the command line. Users can automate testing of new software builds and implement Solared APPscreener in the secure development process (SDLC). The new version also allows distinguishing between variants of user access to software, so that each developer can control the level of security and errors only in its own part of a project.

«Within the first version of the product an emphasis was placed on technologies for deobfuscation and decompilation, unique for this class of solutions, as well as on the reporting system with detailed recommendations intended to address detected vulnerabilities, - says Daniil Chernov, head of the Solared APPscreener direction of the company Solared Cyber Security. - The second version of Solared APPscreener offers a very simple, user-friendly and intuitive interface in addition to innovative methods of SAST analysis which make the solution available to the maximum number of users and take it to new market segments».

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