New Solared APPscreener Version Monitors SAP App Security

Solared Cyber Security, a vendor of products and services for cyber security targeted monitoring and real-time management, has announced the release of a new Solared APPscreener scanner version.

Solared APPscreener is the only app on the market capable of analyzing apps without accessing their source code.

To make this competitive advantage even stronger, developers have improved performance for already supported programming languages and added support for new languages.

Solared APPscreener 2.4 also features an expanded base of vulnerability search rules for C/С++ binary code (.exe and .dll files), while supported languages have been extended to included Delphi and ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming). ABAP is used for SAP app development and its support will allow customers to monitor SAP business app security.

Moreover, since Solared APPscreener is optimized for easy integration with the secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), the new version improves SAP app security without changing familiar development and testing processes.

"Previous versions mainly supported mobile and web app development languages. However, we have been gradually adding new languages to expand the pool of solutions for Solared APPscreener to work with. Following thorough scientific and technical research, we are happy to introduce new modules capable of scanning ABAP and C/С++ codes," said Daniil Chernov, Global VP Application Security.

In addition, Solared APPscreener performance has been optimized as part of the SDLC process to provide better automation. Solared APPscreener 2.4 compares scanning results and automatically monitors the number of eliminated and new vulnerabilities, thus drastically simplifying security control of software being developed and making Solared APPscreener even more intuitive and user-friendly.

The new version now provides trace chart dashboard for Java/Scala and Android vulnerabilities, enabling developers to trace probable SQL injection entry point and monitor activities within an application.

Especially for mobile app developers, Solared APPscreener 2.4 supports report exporting in compliance with OWASP Mobile Top 10 2016 classification, in addition to previously available OWASP and PCI DSS standards. Furthermore, Solared APPscreener 2.4 has an improved and intuitive user-friendly interface requiring no user training.

"Solared Cyber Security believes that even the most complicated solutions should have user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. Therefore, we are continuously optimizing and improving the Solar inCode interface. It is crucial for us to provide an easy code security assessment experience for both developers and security specialists," added Mr. Chernov.

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