New Solared APPscreener Evolves into Full-fledged SDLC Tool

Solared Cyber Security, a vendor of cybersecurity management and target monitoring products and services, has unveiled a new release of Solared APPscreener scanner that now features out-of-the-box integration with JIRA, multi-language app analysis, and С/С++ app binary analyzer.

Solared APPscreener is the world's only code scanner to perform static analysis for vulnerabilities and undocumented features without accessing app source codes. Powered by in-house RD on decompilation and deobfuscation techniques, Solared APPscreener 2.3 is now a proven static analyzer of .exe and .dll files coded in С/С++ for х64 and х86 architectures and thus a real godsend to cybersecurity teams that can check corporate app security even without access to app source codes, as in the case of legacy software or outsourced apps.

"Striving to boost our key competitive advantage of providing app analysis without access to source code, we added a static analysis of .exe and .dll files based on С/С++. Despite many requests from our customers, such functionality was rather difficult to implement due to С/С++ specifics. Although D took much time, we are now proud of the outcome," said Daniil Chernov, Head of Solared APPscreener Team, Solared Cyber Security.

When several programming languages are used in an app, Solared APPscreener 2.3 will automatically identify them and scan as usual, with an option to either scan an app in full or only a part coded in any particular language.

Since the developers of Solared APPscreener consider seamless integration with SDLC (secure development lifecycle) as a top priority, the new release has evolved in this direction, offering users a full-fledged out-of-the-box integration with JIRA, one of the most common bug trackers. Once app scanning is completed, a user can create a vulnerability fix job right from Solared APPscreener interface.

Moreover, Solared APPscreener 2.3 has a number of legacy function improvements, such as new vulnerability descriptions, new vulnerability search rules for already supported programming languages, optimized data flow analysis algorithms for PHP, and an improved interface, with user interaction logic remaining as transparent as before, even despite new sophisticated functionality being added.

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