Solar appScreener announced the launch of application security cloud service

SINGAPORE, April 22, 2020 – Global Cyber Security Company Solar Security LLC announced this week that it launched in Singapore AWS its application security cloud service.

An on-demand service, Solar appScreener Cloud on AWS ( enables enterprise customers to automatically test source and, what is most valuable, binary codes for vulnerabilities and undocumented features that could be abused for exploitation (backdoors). Testing could be initiated by simply submitting an archive with application source code (source code files require no pre-processing), bytecode or executable file (.jar,.war, .dll,.exe, .apk, .ipa, .app, .ear, .aar) to appScreener through the intuitive web-interface. The product then automatically scans these applications for vulnerabilities and backdoors in the source and provides a detailed analysis report with remediation advice to prevent exploitation.

“Solar appScreener is the only system in the world that is capable to make automated reconstruction of vulnerable areas of source code in the cloud without access to source code, so enterprises get a truly comprehensive application security audit. Whether purchasing or developing software, organizations can get a complete review of applications before deploying them, ensuring greater security for the enterprise.”, said Igor Liapunov, CEO at Solar Security LLC.

Binary code analysis in the cloud is a new approach for application security testing. Unique in the industry, Solar appScreener binary SAST technology analyzes all code -- including third-party components and libraries, legacy software and third-party embedded blocks. This solution gives enterprises more comprehensive and accurate application security assessments. Solar appScreener supports all widely-used languages for desktop, web and mobile applications (33 programming languages, the best rate in the industry).

Thanks to the high level of security protection in AWS, applications are scanned in a highly protected from potential exposure environment. Using AWS, customers will gain the control and confidence they need to securely run cloud application security scanning. With AWS, customers can improve their ability to meet core security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, protection, and confidentiality.

The new cloud based offering, coupled with local support made available via Singapore-based partner Athena Dynamics, collectively brings about a highly flexible proposition to the industry.

“From light weight, low cost per scan requirement of SMEs to Enterprise License that offers unlimited scan, unlimited users, we are excited that finally there is an affordable and cost-effective application security platform for all sectors. Today, Solar appScreener is probably the only technology that offers true binary SAST. This is the long-awaited technology that will level-up the application security posture of the industry directly and effectively. What is most important is that such value is achieved even when the source code of the target application is not available.”, said Ken Soh, CEO of Athena Dynamics.

About Solar Security LLC

Solar Security LLC is a Cyber Security Company, providing software and managed detection and response (MDR) services to protect critical information from advanced cyber threats. The Company’s Product Portfolio comprises the application security and insider threat detection solutions which are delivered via cloud and installed on-premise. Solar’s service portfolio contains: event monitoring and incident detection, threat response and vulnerability management, which provide protection from massive cyber, APT and zero-day attacks.

About Athena Dynamics

Backed by Singapore main-board listed group BH Global Corporation Ltd, Athena Dynamics (ADPL) sources, value-adds and implements radically differentiated technologies in support of SecOps, DevOps and ITOps in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

For SecOps, ADPL focuses on Critical Information Infra-Structure Protection (OT/ICS/SCADA). For DevOps, binary code review and for ITOps, Enterprise IT Operation Management that supports the ITSM and ITIL framework.

Since its inception in mid-2014, ADPL has been awarded numerous projects in protection and management of critical assets in the public and the private sectors.

ADPL poises to introduce more hand-picked products and services directly in aid of CIO and CISO on operational management and to protect digital assets effectively where conventional/mainstream methods fail to fulfil.

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